#EyesonIran is a response in solidarity with the courageous Iranians who are risking their lives to express their demand for human rights and a free Iran. Artists and activists throughout the diaspora and their allies are holding a shared vision to ensure international audiences and institutions remain awake in their eyes and hearts to this movement.

Aerial footage of Shirin Neshat's Offered Eyes installed at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island NY.
Eyes on Iran installations on public view through January 1, 2023.



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I support the artists, activists and global leaders in their call to keep our #EyesOnIran and maintain the pressure and awareness required to remove the IRI from the Commission from the Status of Women. Sign the petition at bit.ly/IRIoffCSW #IRIoffCSW

The world’s eyes have been focused on the courage of Iranian citizens in their quest for freedom, in the face of increasingly grave danger. The Islamic Republic has censored them and attempted to blind the world to the potential of this movement. #EyesonIran is a response to their call for a free Iran. Sign the petition at bit.ly/IRIoffCSW #IRIoffCSW

The world must keep our eyes on the brave citizens of Iran and open to the possibility of justice. I have my #EyesonIran and stand in solidarity with the movement to remove the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Commission for the Status of Women. Sign the petition at bit.ly/IRIoffCSW #IRIoffCSW